Kids&Clay Classroom Policies

Safety and Limitation of Liability

The staff of Kids & Clay takes extraordinary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of the students.  Parents are expected to oversee the safety of their student(s) during the arrival and departure to and from the studio space.  A high level of supervision is given the students while working. 

However, ceramics does involve some mechanical devices (e.g. pottery wheels) and equipment (scoring pins, rolling pins, non-toxic glazes, etc.) that could present a hazard if used improperly.  Like many other materials, extended exposure to excessive clay dust may present a health hazard.  Please be assured that daily efforts are undertaken at Kids & Clay to reduce the presence of clay dust, such as daily HEPA vacuuming and a wash down of affected hard surfaces and floors.

Involvement in these classes constitutes an acknowledgement by the sponsoring party(ies) that they are aware of some inherent risk to their children in these classes and agree to hold SCAC and Kids & Clay harmless without condition of limitation, in the event of any injury or harm to their student(s).