Previous Workshops 2013

Salt Magic!
a four day salt-fire workshop intensive with Ted Camp

Learn from the man who built our salt kiln, Florida clay artist and kiln builder Ted Camp...
Ted received his BA from College of Wooster, Ohio and his MFA in ceramics at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Ted served as professor and chair of The State College of Florida, Bradenton and also taught in the Summer Six art program at Skidmore College. Upon retirement from The State College of Florida, Ted was named Resident Artist which means that while the responsibilities and the paycheck will be gone, he gets to stick around to use the department's equipment while returning his attention to his art. His work is currently on exhibit at L'attitude Gallery, Boston, Symmetry Gallery, Saratoga Springs and Craftsman HouseGallery, St. Petersburg, FL. In addition, Ted is currently on the Board of Directors at Artcenter Manatee where he also teaches ceramics classes.
We are very pleased to have Ted here to lead this workshop. Everyone will benefit from his many years of kiln building and salt-firing experience. Participants will be introduced to the chemistry involved in salt firing through an exploration of the use of slips and glazes, the strategy of proper kiln loading and the salt-fire process. Each participant is required to bring up to 12, Cone 10, bisque-ware pieces to be glazed and fired during the workshop.

Workshop Dates: July 18 -21, 2013

Steven Hill Journey Workshop -
The Journey began June 2nd

My journey began with a summer workshop in 1972. Since then, I have shared MY aesthetic and techniques in 250 workshops. This workshop is different; it is about YOU and YOUR relationship with clay. This journey is YOURS. – Steven Hill

You are inspired, You are motivated, Begin Your Journey Now !

"Learning How to Glaze"...
A workshop with Regis Brodie

Workshop Date: Saturday, May 11, 2013

Glazing is the last & most important activity that a potter can do, to bring the piece, hopefully, to its final & most beautiful resolution. But thinking about glazing should happen very early in the process of the making. Walking begins with crawling the same way glazing begins, that is to say, when the clay first touches the wheel & begins to be formed. This workshop will begin at the beginning. I will explore & demonstrate the many & exciting ways the clay artist has available to him or her, through all the stages of the making & the finishing processes, that will eventually lead the piece, to its final destination, to the glaze firing & beyond.