Adult Classes

SPRING TERM I     FEBRUARY 23, 2015 - aPRIL 11, 2015 (7 weeks)

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Dates Course Title Day/Time Instructor
FEB 24, MAR 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, APR 7 All About Glazes and Glazing Tues, 6pm–8 pm
Andy Roth Register


This class will focus on the mixing and use of ceramic glazes. We will start out by making test tiles and making pottery to try our glazes on. Throughout the course students will learn about types of glazes, how to prepare glazes from formula to a batch, methods for applying glazes, decorative techniques using engobes and under-glazes, including the slip inlay technique, and how to develop color in glazes. As a class we will experiment by mixing and testing new glazes as well as use of the glazes we have in the studio. We will also learn some history of glazes and the basics of glaze chemistry
Tuition: $360
Materials Fee: $75

FEB 25, MAR 4, 11, 18, 25, APR 1, 8 Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Wheel Throwing- Wednesday Mornings Wed, 10am–12 pm
Jill Kovachick Register

Beginning Wheel Throwing - An introduction to making functional pottery on the wheel. Students will learn the steps needed to go from centering clay to glazing finished work. Basic forms such as bowls, vases, and plates will be covered. No experience needed. 

Intermediate / Advanced Wheel Throwing - A continuation of the beginning class that will explore additional ceramic forms and techniques. Students will be focused on refining and expanding their skills.

Tuition: $360
Materials Fee: $75

FEB 25, MAR 4, 11, 18, 25, APR 1, 8 Pressed in Clay w/ Jean Fei Wed, 6pm - 8pm
Jean Fei Register

This hand-building class will explore a variety of techniques and ideas for creating work with clay! Vessels, dinnerware, tiles and wall art will be among the projects in this course. Students will learn to use molds, clay extruder and slab roller in creating their works of art. Students will explore different surface treatments including carving and glazing techniques. A portion of the class will focus on learning how to fire work that has been made. Students will participate in a Raku firing.

Tuition: $360
Materials Fee: $75+tax


CRITIQUE CORNER with Regis Brodie Sat, 11am - 2pm
Regis Brodie Register

This 3-hour course will be conducted in a group critique format. Each person will receive aesthetic and technical feed back on their work and their working process from their peers and master artist Regis Brodie. This class is an opportunity to have your work seen and discussed and by this, to expand, reinforce and open a better understanding of your vision and your direction.
Tuition: $40/ session

Scheduled at your convenience Private Lessons 4 - 1hr Lesson
TBD Register

Private lessons on the Potter's Wheel and for Hand-Buiding are available for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students.  Lessons are $40/hour and are offered in 4 hour blocks for $160.  We offer flexible scheduling for your convenience.