Classroom and Studio Policies

Open studio
• Open studio is a great opportunity for people to come and work outside of class instruction. It will be a time where you can practice your skills and feel the freedom of working independently.
• Open studio hours are included in the cost of tuition.
• Hours of open studio are posted in the classrooms, on our website, and on our Facebook page. These hours are subject to change.
• Students are responsible for cleaning up at the end of open studio hours.
• If the classrooms are not properly cleaned, we reserve the right to cancel open studio hours.

• If you have to miss a class, we offer the opportunity to make up that class by sitting in on another class. That way you do not miss out on any instruction!
• Missed classes can be made up in any adult class, providing there is space available and you are given approval from that class’ faculty.
• If you would like to make up a class, you must contact the office to get approval – call
(518)581-2529. Tell the office which class you would like to schedule as a make up. The class schedules are posted on the website. The office will check availability and sign you up if there is space.
• If you know you know you are going to miss a class in advance, please inform the office so that we make offer 0up your sport in that class to someone who would like to make one up.
• Make-ups can be scheduled before the date of the missed class.
• Make-ups do not transfer from one session to another.

• SCAC is a communal and cooperative studio. We are proud to offer a clean and organized environment. Please respect the space and make every effort to participate in keeping the studios clean.
• Cleaning expectations of artists
• Artists are expected to clean up the areas they have worked in or around. Remember to clean the wheel, splash pan, floor, tables, sinks, and all equipment and surfaces in the studios and kitchen areas.
• DO NOT THROW CLAY DOWN THE DRAINS. We have very sensitive plumbing and safety guidelines that all must follow. Dispose of clay in the appropriately labeled areas.
• Clean hands, all tools, and other personal equipment in labeled sinks with traps.
• There are clean up schedules that all studio artists participate in.
• Please do not waste water!
• Leave spaces cleaner than you found them!

Use and Recycling of Clay
• All artists must purchase their own clay through SCAC. Absolutely NO outside clay is allowed.
• Clay can be purchased at the Center’s supply area.
• Various types of clays are offered, simply choose what you like and place your order.
• If you want to experiment with a clay body not found in our supply area, you must get approval from the director to order this clay through our supply area.
• Clay to be recycled is put in specifically labeled bins and re-pug milled on site at the Center. PORCELAIN IS LABELED AND KEPT SEPARATE FROM ALL OTHER CLAY BODIES!
• After using a pug mill, please clean and prepare it thoroughly for the next use!

Glaze and Firing Costs -- TBD
• All firings must be authorized by the Shop Manager.
• Bisque fires are charged by the load. Each artist must fill the kiln to fire it, or can partner with other artists. Class firing costs are included in the material cost for the class.
• High-Fire space costs $.05 per cubic inch. Shop Manager must confirm all measurements and costs with those requesting space in the kiln.
• Special Firing (soda, raku, pit, etc.) costs

Private Studio Space
• Private studio spaces are available for rent for artists who would like their own space to work. Spaces are rented either monthly or yearly. Fees vary, based on size of the space.
• SCAC does not provide equipment for these private spaces. All artists renting spaces are responsible for supplying their own materials, but still have access to all equipment in the classroom. Each space has a sink with a clay trap and proper lighting. All artists renting private space are required to follow SCAC policies on clay recycling.

• Please follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of yourself and your fellow artists.
• Absolutely no eating in the glaze room or classrooms. There is a designated eating area. Please keep all food and eating to that space.
• Perform all sanding and grinding of pieces in the specially designated areas, whether they are bone dry, bisque ware, or finished ware.
• You must be trained and certified by the Clay Arts Center to operate kilns. Do not attempt to use a kiln without proper help and supervision.
• Clay dust and glaze materials are often times hazardous. Make sure that you use a dust mask or respirator when working with glaze materials or sanding/grinding pieces or wearing protective gloves when working with glaze chemicals. In addition, make sure all ventilation systems are on when working in the spray booth or the grinder.
• Dispose of all materials in the proper places. This is particularly important for glaze materials.
• You must be trained and approved to operate all studio machinery including the pug mills, spray booths, grinders, slab roller, mixers, and extruder.


You are welcome to bring food or use the refrigerator or microwave in the private studio area. Please dispose of food containers in the appropriate areas. Food is not allowed in the studio spaces for safety reasons; please eat all food in the lounge.

Please make sure you clean up after yourself.

The building is equipped with wireless Internet for all those who wish to bring their laptops.

Books can be used in the office only if you are interested in looking at references. Please ask your teacher to give you time during class to do so.