Chili Bowl 2017 Event Registration

Event Registration

To keep the lines short and the wait to a minimum, you may pre-purchase tickets and bowls online for a specific time slot. Since the event is 5 hours long, we will only pre-sell 200 chili bowls for each one hour time period. After 200 bowls are sold, the time slot will be closed.  Your ticket(s) will be issued with the time period you choose. This has worked well to eliminate the crowding we have experienced in the past. Please arrive at the time specified on your ticket.  We will put more bowls out for selection each hour so everyone will get an equal opportunity to select bowls. Online registrations will take preference to walk-ins. If all the bowls are sold online, there will be no walk-ins allowed.

RAFFLE ITEM - Jill Fishon-Kovachick Salt-Fired Vessel
Enter to WIN a Jill Fishon-Kovachick salt-fired vessel. This one-of-a-kind piece stands 17" tall and would retail in a gallery for $4000. We are selling 200 tickets at $20/ticket. The drawing will be held at 4PM on January 28th at the conclusion of the Chili Bowl Fundraiser. A copy of your raffle ticket will be emailed within 24hrs of payment. Good Luck... Hope you WIN!
"Pink Bowls" FOR "TO LIFE"
This year we are offering a special, limited edition, "pink" chili bowl signed by clay artist Jill Fishon-Kovachick. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these bowls will be donated to "To Life". "To Life's" mission is to educate our community about breast cancer detection, treatments and related health matters and to provide support services for breast cancer patients, caregivers, family and friends.


Chili Bowl Registrations
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Tickets & Bowls - 11:00am - 12:00pm Time Slot Closed

Tickets & Bowls - 12:00pm -   1:00pm Time Slot Closed

Tickets & Bowls -   1:00pm -   2:00pm Time Slot Closed

Tickets & Bowls -   2:00pm -   3:00pm Time Slot Closed

Tickets & Bowls -   3:00pm -   4:00pm Time Slot Closed